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Home of  quality Harlequin, Mantle & Merle Great Danes in the foothills of Littleton, Colorado.

About Us

This is me

this is my colorado great dane

In pursuit of the Apollo of dogs

In 2011, we began researching the Great Dane breed as a companion for our family. We have learned a tremendous amount since then and I hope that you too will consider our story as an educational roadmap in your endeavor to acquire this noble breed. 

What we have learned

Opinions will vary on the best breeder to acquire a Great Dane from, but one thing is true above all else- the proven health of the Dane, its temperament, longevity and correct conformation are non-negotiables in making your decision.  There are enough responsible breeders out there who have invested heavily into their craft of producing quality Great Danes so that you don't end up with someone more interested in making a buck.  We want our Dane families to understand that having a healthy Dane for years to come is especially important. Settle for nothing less than a quality breeder that will live up to demonstrating these requirements- this is the minimum standard and should be where you draw a line in the sand in making your choice.

How will you know

For Dane health, OFA/CHIC certification, are a series of health tests that demonstrate transparency on the health of a breeders breeding stock who truly endeavor to produce healthier puppies- longevity goes hand in hand with good health. As to temperament, a Dane must be spirited, courageous, never timid; always friendly and dependable. This physical and mental combination is the characteristic which gives the Great Dane the majesty possessed by no other breed. And conformation describes the physical structure based upon the official standard evidenced only in the show ring, thus an AKC titled dog provides a judges view of the dog, against the breed standard. The bar is purposefully set high, so insist on a breeder that measures their breeding stock on each of these merits.

The finer points

Whether you are seeking a Great Dane for the show ring, performance or a pet companion, a responsible breeder will provide health guarantees, they will provide a lifetime of support and will take the puppy back should you determine that your choice was not a match made in heaven. This matters to the breeder immensely, so it should matter as much to you as well.

Where we are today

Taking care of our Danes is much like caring for our children. These gentle giants command attention, require exercise, need quality sustenance and beg for proper care of their well being. We fell in love with the breed and know now  that they will always be part of our lives. Soon after, our companion Dane went into the ring and  we committed to the fancy of showing. And while it wasn't easy, our boy finally became an AKC Champion. It is from those experiences that Mountain Man Danes was born. You too will love our Colorado Great Danes.